About Us

Our products are undoubtedly the best in the universe. Hand forged by master craftsmen and women in Rajasthan India for generations.

What makes our products better than the rest? To be honest not a lot, its just as good as most other similar stuff, probably a bit better and a bit cheaper - certainly not worse or more expensive.

Our products are not going to bring you fame and fortune, eternal happiness or make you a "trendsetter". We are not out to save the world but our leather goods are naturally tanned, hand made and are created to last.

Nothing fancy, just stuff made out of dead animal skins, goat as far as we know, just the way humans have done for centuries so dont get all self righteous on us, get a Nevermind Leather bag.

Our only mission is to provide good, honest, sturdy and cheap leather - usually in the form of some sort of bag, that you will use and abuse, and abuse, and abuse, and then one day go....Wow! That Nevermind Leather stuff is tough as all F@#$!