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Nevermind Leather Travel Adventure Perth VIC

Looking for something real? Want to work with people who share the old school values of respect, hard work and exceptional service? Do you want adventure and excitement in you life?

Price $25000

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The Worlds Coolest Business

Stock Included: Yes
Stock Value: 30000
Years Est: 2012
Gross Revenue: 2000000

Had it with mindless routine? Sick of being one of the sheep?

Now is your time time to run with the wolves!

NOW is your time to shine...

Become part of the Nevermind story.

Nevermind is expanding and now seeking people Australia wide (Perth, Adelaide, Noosa, Sydney, Melbourne and everywhere in between) to share the next stage of the adventure.

Life is too short to be a spectator so get amongst it.

You guys all know the story, where we came from, where we are and what we do and if you don't know then best you find out. If you like what we do and want to become part of it we have some exciting projects about to take off with opportunities from as little as $25k and across Australia.

Living the Nevermind life is not easy. We see, do and sometimes smell things every day that most people will never even imagine but if you want a flexible lifestyle full of travel, adventure and fun...yes challenges and hard work, then contact us immediately.

Does the idea of flying the Nevermind flag, perhaps owning your own Nevermind store with the full support of our team sound like fun? Tour leading our world famous international adventures or perhaps involved in the background or both?

Do not waste your hard earned cash so you can become a slave washing dogs, or cars, or selling junk. Stop wasting your time reading bullshit self help books, attending business seminars and looking to the "gurus" for the answers. Take action now.

Come and change the world with us.

Would you like to invest in something different and exciting. Something that has been created to improve our beautiful world and its people rather than destroy it like the large corporations.

Here is your opportunity to use your energy, talents, experience and resources to make a difference, to leave a legacy for future generations and show the world that it can doing business can be fun, profitable, ethical and sustainable.

We are interested in hearing from like minded individuals, couples or investors and can tailor a package to suit your life, your interests and your budget so don't be shy.

We have a well tested business model and a beautiful sustainably produced range of leather and travel related products not to mention the best goddam adventures and travel products in the world. Our theme is Leather, Travel and Adventure and we havent even scratched the surface yet so now is the time to get involved.

By getting involved you will also be helping a bunch of underprivileged kids get an education and cleaning up villages in third world countries while taking people on life changing adventures?

We have the systems, people, knowledge and experience to make it happen.


For less than the price of a new car you will get...

- A fully functional retail and online business with stock and fit out, included Royal Enfield, with no competitors globally.

- An annual all expenses paid adventure to experience what we offer and see our craftsmen and women in action.

- All promotional material, national marketing and advertising

- Fully developed systems and processes to ensure easy and successful operation of the business.

- A flexible full ownership or partnership model available.

- Part ownership in Nevermind Company

- Opportunities to travel to the USA,NZ, UK and Europe to promote the business at trade fairs and expos.

- Buy back guaranteed after 12 months if you not 100% with the businesses or your investment.

- Opportunities to work support and work with our educational and environmental projects.

- A fun an exciting lifestyle full of travel and excitement supported by amazing passionate and positive people.

- Options available to suit your lifestyle and financial circumstances.

- We have shops, market stalls, pop us, trailers suitable for a mobile or travelling business or even work from home.

Nevermind - everything is possible.

- Own your own business from $25,000 all inclusive.

- Finance available

We are expanding into all major cities, into the USA, NZ, UK and Europe and anywhere else that will have us so NOW is the time to make change, do not wait any longer that opportunity you have been looking for is right here.

NOW all you have to do is send us an email or call to set up a meeting..What are you waiting for?

Nevermind - The Business of Adventure - Coming to a city near you!

Additional Details

Years Established: 2012
Gross Turnover: 2000000
Stock Included: Yes
Approximate Stock Value: 30000
Number of Employees: 2
Car Spaces: 2
Floor Area: 100
Property Size: 100
Property Title Included: No
Business Relocatable: Yes
Business Operated from Home: Yes
Priority Category: 28
Priority Region: Melbourne, VIC
Priority Expires: 2016-06-19 19:26:51
Facebook Added: 2016-06-12

Buyer Resources

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